Wedding Alterations Information All Brides Must Know

Finding the perfect wedding dress is a great moment. It is perfectly normal for brides to need wedding dress alterations New York City NY. Only a few brides are lucky enough to buy a wedding dress off the rack without any need for an alteration or two. It’s always important to get these alterations done the correct way to avoid any mishaps. Here are some more tricks and secrets to getting that special wedding dress altered perfectly:

Never Buy a Wedding Dress Too Big or Too Small

At least two fittings are common for brides buying a wedding dress off the rack or having one custom made. Regardless of the size and/or shape of the bride, it is always a good idea to start with a dress close to their size.

It is possible to alter a dress larger or smaller. However, it is not good to count on altering a wedding dress more than one or size different than the bride’s size. Many wedding dresses don’t contain enough seam allowance to allow for a size increase. Fabrics like satin and velvet have seams that look like track makers and aren’t appropriate for a bride’s very important day.

A wedding dress that is too big for the bride can’t be adequately sized. In fact, a bride who buys a dress more than two sizes too big is basically going to receive a new dress after alterations are made. The wedding dress must be taken apart at the seams and re-cut to property fit the bride. This is an expensive, labor intensive process.

Never Lie to the Person Altering the Wedding Dress

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Many brides envision themselves looking different on their wedding day. For instance, they anticipate having breast reduction or enhancement surgery done prior to their wedding. Some brides are surprised to find out they’re pregnant prior well before their wedding day. It is always best to let the person making, or altering, the dress know immediately. It’s best to have alterations done correctly instead of having to make emergency dress alterations.

Always Ask for the Specific Measures When Buying a Vintage Dress

One of the most beautiful styles of wedding dresses is vintage. Some of the worst wedding dresses are the vintage ones that don’t fit. Before buying the dress online, get the specific measurements. Not all vintage wedding dress labels are sized the same way.

Conduct Research on a Bridal Shop Prior to Picking a Wedding Dress

Many brides do not know this, but some bridal shop may order the wrong wedding dress size. It may be human error or deliberate. So, research the bridal shop thoroughly and ensure they have the correct measurements so the dress fits correctly. Always order in advance so if the wrong size is ordered, they have enough time to order the correct size.

Never pick a tailor based on the lowest quote. It’s important to go with one who is reputable than cheap. With everything in life, people get what they pay for and a wedding dress is too important for cheap alterations.