Tips for Choosing Fashion Bridal for Wedding

Fitting Fashion Bridal

Choosing a Wedding Dress for a wedding certainly not as easy and casual if we choose clothes for ordinary parties or clothes for office for example.

Moreover, the funds for our marriage is very limited so we have to plan really in providing everything.

For many people marriage is one of the most important phases in life and some even call it a school of love. That’s why choosing the right wedding dress is something that must be done to complete that important moment. Cannot be denied the beauty of the right wedding dress will leave an unforgettable impression. Although beautiful and beautiful wedding dresses are a “must” for many women, there is one key to watch out for the unforgettable appearance of a bride to be perfect. The reason, in addition to beautiful, proper wedding dress should also have a “character” that suits the wearer. How to choose a wedding dress that matches the character of the wearer? This selection should begin with the character recognition of the wearer, the bride and groom.

There are several types of bride character, this can be seen from the nuances of the wedding he wanted. Does the bride want a romantic, elegant, classic, unique, or extravagant party? From the feel of this party can be selected the right dress.

Here are some types of candidate characters who can be used as a guide to determine the wedding dress:


This type is widely owned by the bride. Romantic characters love dresses that feature a feminine aura and look soft. This impression can be raised from materials such as tulle, silk, satin, lace, ribbon, until the sprinkling of corsage. The color of choice is usually around snow white to pink. Romantic style is best represented by a dress model bustier combined subordinate skirt ball gown-style width. Train length (tail dress) can also reach the maximum length (10 meters) if this romantic impression is associated with the appearance of the queen or princess.


This classic type has little in common with the romantic type, the difference, the classic type is not too fond of the details are too soft as it is displayed by the romantic style. Elegant impression is the key to the classic type. The classic-style bride will take a firm silhouette, a more simple and timeless model. Materials that can represent these characters include satin, duchess, taffeta, lace, or chiffon silk with accent embroideries, velvet, or crystal. Classic color options can be white around that leads to off-white to ivory (ivory). Classic silhouette can be displayed in a dress in the form of sheath dress (sleek silhouette’s dress), like empire, ball gown-style dress that is not too wide and train that is not too long, until the mermaid style.

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Modern brides usually do not like the style that is too complicated. The wedding dress of choice can be a short dress with a little touch that distinguishes it from other brides, not a few modern-style bride will choose a short dress or dress that was originally not intended for the bride, as long as the white. The choice of materials is very personal, comfortable and appropriate origin worn by the bride. Do not forget, many contemporary brides are choosing to marry outside the building (outdoor), such as in parks, beaches, or cruise ships. Certainly this condition is taken into account in choosing a wedding dress model.


Fashionable characters are very concerned about fashion trends in choosing clothing, including wedding dresses. They are the type who do not hesitate to choose pastel wedding dresses, silver gold, and champagne, when these colors are “in” rather than choose a classic white dress impressed. Appropriate fashion-sensitive characters, silhouette dress, neckline shape, train length, or accent-dress wedding dress adjusted to the existing trend.


Unique styles are represented in wedding dresses that may use less common materials, as well as models that tend to be quirky. To wear a wedding dress like this of course takes courage.


The bride who likes the glamor style will probably love the full layer dress, with a sprinkling of very crystal decorations. This extravagant style is easily translated as a very fancy dress, wrinkles in some places, arm bubbles, or a pile of layered skirts, still equipped with a sprinkling of mote, sequins, crystals, or pearls. Quite a lot of brides are fond of this style. A little advice, if the bride chooses this style, it’s good to still pay attention to the balance element of the body shape for the bride does not seem excessive and drowned in her dress.


After understanding the character of the bride, it is no less important is to choose a dress that matches the bride’s body shape. That is, the wedding dress can “understand” the body shape of the wearer, so it can help disguise the existing shortcomings while highlighting the advantages and uniqueness of the wearer. Therefore, it is important to choose a wedding dress in accordance with the body silhouette, do not hesitate to try a variety of silhouette dress before choosing the dress that best suits the body shape.

Here are some tips that can be applied to choose a dress according to body shape:

– High and slim bride Strapless ball gown with beautiful detail at the top can be a choice of the right dress. Although this body shape impressed ideal, avoid the silhouettes dress follow the body shape, because it can make you look thinner and thinner.
– A skinny bride with prominent shoulder bones Choose a dress that follows body shape or silhouette’s A-line with high neckline. In order to impress the body more volume, select also dress with rich detail applications, especially at the bottom.
– Short or petite-sized bride Drop the option on an empire-line gown. Choose also a lightweight and floating material that gives the impression of a higher body.
– Bride with full chest Attention to the lower area of the body, for example a wedding dress with detail at the waist or the bottom. Avoid dress with V neck model and make sure also the top of the dress minimal detail.
– Bride with hip contains Choose a dress model “princess style”. The top of the dress fits in the body, while the bottom is widened (flare) but not heavy. So it can disguise the area of the hip and give the impression of streamlining.
– Shoulder bridal fields disguise the area by wearing a dress with neck V model. Can also choose a dress with a strapless model, but mix with bolero or transparent scarf coils. Avoid puff sleeves and square neck pieces.
– Bride with legs not long Drop the choice on a long dress sheath model. Combine with comfortable high heeled platform shoes to make body proportions look perfect.
– Bride with a base of arms containing a long-sleeved shirt that is minimal detail and not too tight can create the illusion of a sleeker arm. In addition, draw a heavy detail in the shoulder and arm area.
And when you’re setting up a wedding dress? If you have more budget, you can consult the model of wedding dress you want with a designer / fashion consultant special wedding dress, though there is nothing wrong also if you design your own wedding dress of your dreams.

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Some things that can guide you:

Find someone who can help design your wedding dress. Previously see first example of the design that has been made. If you have a family or relatives who good at designing clothes, may also be an option.
Spend enough time to chat with your clothing designer. From the beginning, remind the designer to consistently follow the meet schedule that you and he made.
Record all the details discussed with your wedding dress designer. If there is an expense, do not forget to note also that at the time of payment there will be no misunderstanding.
Once everyone agrees, start sharing your ideas with the designer. In making clothes, consider the theme and location of the wedding. To add a reference, can be seen magazines or wedding sites. A bridal shop or boutique can also be a place to get additional ideas.
Choose a design that accentuates your excess body shape. A professional designer should be able to recommend what design is suitable for his clients. Of course you also have to be comfortable with the designs made.
If you have difficulty in designing, please contact someone who can handle this. One of them is wedding organizer services.