The Best Hair Salon Chairs

When you go to the salon it is common to have your hair go through a shampoo by your hair stylist. The shampoo usually involves sitting in a comfortable chair that can lean back over the shampoo station sink so their hair can be properly cleansed and rinsed. Most Hair Salon Shampoo Chairs are made to be comfortable and a staple of any fine establishment hair salon. There are a few features of the shampoo chairs that signify they are the best option to add to your hair salon. Here are the top five features of the very best salon shampoo chairs.

Comfortable Cushions

Chairs are always about comfort even when they are being used for shampooing. The very best way to keep shampoo chairs comfortable is to select ones with plush cushions. The cushions of a shampoo chair need to properly support the back, neck, and the bottom of the chair. The back of the chair having effective cushion allows for the neck and back to be supported comfortably while the client’s hair is being shampooed.

Wide Padded Seats

Clients come in a variety of sizes so you ought to select a shampooing station chair that accommodates to the different customers you will have visiting your salon. Choose a padded comfortable seat that is wide enough for most people to sit within the seat. You should also choose a chair that has padded arm rests as well. Padded arm rests will support your client’s arms while they are seated.

Automatic Reclining Seats

Automatic reclining seats are helpful for any salon owner who wants to have an option that is more comfortable for the leaning forward and leaning back over the shampoo bowl. With a reclining seat it’s easier to lean back over the shampoo bowl for older or injured clients. It’s also difficult for most people to sit up after leaning back on their own. You should opt for this type of chair if you are concerned about the ease your customers will need when leaning back and sitting up before and after a shampoo.

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Stylish, Classic, and Practical Design

Of course you want something modern and stylish looking for your salon’s shampoo chairs. Your customers will love the look of a classic and stylish salon with modern equipment. You should also select a chair that is practical in design for use by your hair stylists. They should be able to comfortably move around the chair and the shampoo bowl to wash their client’s hair.

Appropriate Weight Limit

You have to keep in mind the weight limits for your clients. So ensure you have a chair that can handle most of your clients without breaking your equipment or embarrassing your customer if they accidentally were to break the chair. Most shampoo chairs can handle up to 400 pounds.

Getting the right salon shampoo chair involves looking for something that has all the features of the best type of chairs and everything that your individual salon needs. There is a salon shampoo chair out there for you that is perfect for the wants and needs for your salon and your clients.