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How to Use One Meal a Day to Lose Weight

It is sometimes difficult to believe that one can lose weight by having only one meal in a day. Losing more weight calls for eating less. The truth is that many people will find the idea of surviving on only one meal in a day to be insane. There is a popular misconception that to lose weight, you need to eat more meals and exercise even more. This strategy has been shown to be the most counterproductive. Many health and fitness experts occur with this viewpoint.

There is some shred of truth to the notion of losing weight through consumption of six meals a day. The only problem with it is that rarely so people know how it works, and therefore end up doing it wrong, much to their disappointment. What could work in such a case is to identify six meals which you can take throughout the day, that when added, will not surpass the daily calorie figure needed by your body for fuel. Take an example of a person who needs 2000 calories a day for fuel. When you opt to do the six meals a day approach to losing weight, you shall have to restrict each meal to less than 325 calories. It is a hard task to find this many meals that still fall below the 2000 calorie threshold for a day.

For there to be proper weight loss, it is only realistic to take in foods that contain fewer calories than what your body needs for fuel, until you get to the point that your weight starts to drop. The same example of the individual who needs 2000 calories to get their daily fuel needs can be applied here. If they mostly take water for the day, and go home to eat one meal, they shall easily accomplish their mission. All that is needed is to restrict that meal’s calorie count to 1000 calories. By the end of the week, they shall have generated a 7000 calories deficit. This translates to a 2lbs loss in fat, which is achieved without exercising.

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When you keep an open mind; you realize this is not a tough challenge to take. Those who lead active lives, where they are involved in some form of physical activity either at work or at home shall see faster results from this process. If you continue with the trend of taking one meal, but you add more physical activities and exercises to your life, you shall notice huge changes in a shorter while. To ensure you never lose anything positive step you make, you need to make sure you use this system sparingly. On those other days, you should take healthy and balanced meals at near your body’s caloric needs levels. On top of this, exercise well and you shall it your desired target. You will then have a healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

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