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Parking Options at Newark Liberty Airport

Are you planning to travel from the Newark International Airport in the future? Certainly you are not alone in this respect. The number of passengers traveling from the Newark International Airport on an annual basis range in their tens of millions. Do the math and this gets you about 90 thousand people every day…marvelous! Yea? Look at the other fact behind the statistics behind this airport as is dated to the year 2005 where we find that in the single year 2005, there were a total of over 400 thousand planes which were either arriving or leaving this airport. If you look at this volume of traffic, you will realize that surely airport paring is at a premium.

This airport provides over seventeen thousand public parking spaces. The airport actually has two long-term parking lots for public use and these are all located at the northern end of the airport. The fees to meet for the parking lots P6 and P7 for a day’s parking is about fifteen dollars. The economy parking bays are surely the cheapest on-airport parking alternative if you are staying there for a period of more than three hours. Though with this option, you will need to add the transfer time by bus journey from the parking lots to the terminals. In normal cases where you will have to transfer by bus journey to the terminals from the economy parking lots, you will expect a time of approximately 20 minutes though this may vary with the traffic on the roads.

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To mitigate on the strain that is and the scramble that may be witnessed for the public lots at the airport, a number of private entities have as well come in and offer the services of parking to their clients and are indeed doing a great service anyway. The examples of these privately owned airport parking options for travelers using Newark International are such as we can see below mentioned.

One of the most affordable parking options around Newark airport is the EZWay parking which has actually some of the most competitive offers and at affordable rates. The other parking alternative available which one can settle for in Newark is the services from the Vista Airport Valet Parking which actually boasts of excellent customer service and other extended offers to their clients. Think of an offer which will see you enjoy a free ride to the airport terminal from the parking lot and you will find the Vista Valet Airport Parking a really good fit d for our airport parking needs around the area of Newark international Airport.

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