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Heavy Hauling Truck Options That You Need to Know When it comes to heavy hauling trucks, they are the ones that are used to haul heavy items or cars with the metal chain and hook that they came with. Renting or buying this kind of vehicle is a must for certain organizations such as the fire department and the law enforcement so that they can maintain safety and order. Building companies tend to make use of these vehicles as well for a wide range of different activities. Heavy hauling trucks are well known for hauling out damaged cars that you see on the road. Nevertheless, with its capability of pulling out heavy objects along the way, they have now been modified in more ways than one so that they can be used in a wide range of functions. Because of its numerous purposes, it does not come as a surprise why a different sectors of the society are now making use of these trucks. So that you will know more about these trucks, here you will find some of its many kinds. Hook and chain trucks: In terms of heavy hauling trucks, this kind is the most common truck among the many out there. This type of truck is the one that is used when it comes to hauling damaged automobiles and vehicles off the road. When they are utilized by private owned truck companies as well as the police force, they then give an on-road safety feel. When it comes to building companies, this kind of truck is used to haul tractors that are broken. This particular kind of heavy hauling truck is also called a sling truck. Nevertheless, the popularity for this kind of truck is not the same as it was in the past. When it comes to hauling cars with this truck, chains will be used to wrap around the frames and axles of the car. If this kind of hauling method is used in cars, then there will be damage and scratches to it that is why they are much preferred for hauling junk vehicles or wrecked cars. Wheel-lift trucks: When it comes to this kind of truck, they function just like the hook and chain trucks in hauling cars that are broken. They are more or less the same with the hook and chain haul trucks, but they just cause less damage. The main different between the two though is that this kind of truck does not use chains but instead a metal yoke. This will hook under either the back of the front wheels so that they can be hauled. Once the car is hauled, a hydraulic lift or pneumonic hoist will then suspend the back or front side of the car so that it gets lifted from the ground.The Best Advice on Services I’ve found

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