Four Reasons Women Still Love Classic Watches

While a smart watch may be able to do everything from schedule an appointment to pay for your coffee, that doesn’t mean everyone loves them. Women are not always as infatuated with tech as men are, but even with all the features a smart watch has to offer, there are reasons women still prefer classic watches like what you see here. Here are 4 reasons you might consider buying the woman in your life a classic watch rather than the latest smart watch.

1. Less information

Sometimes, all a woman wants to know is what time it is. She doesn’t necessarily need to know how many calories she has burned today or what the weather is like. In fact, some women actually prefer to not be confronted with certain information every time they look at their watch. In a world where most people already struggle with information overload, the last thing they want to wear on their wrist is a device capable of giving them any more information than simply what time it is.

2. Less bulky

Most smart watches are large, somewhat industrial looking affairs. Not all women want to look like they are ready to run the New York Marathon at any second. Some women prefer wearing something smaller, more elegant and stylish on their wrists. While many smart watches offer the ability to change the face to suit the wearer’s preferences, the truth is, a smart watch will always look like exactly what it is – an electronic device you wear on your wrist.

3. Timeless and elegant

Aside from just offering a more timeless and elegant look, a smart watch will quickly become outdated within just a few years or less. Classic watches, just like a little black dress, will never go out of style. What’s more, a classic watch can be passed down from generation to generation and will always be in fashion. A classic watch is not just something a woman may love to wear, it’s something her daughter can always remember her by.

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4. Some women don’t like what they represent

Efficiency, functionality and performance are some of the words regularly used to describe what smart watches help with. But some women don’t actually want a constant reminder on their wrist of all they are not doing. They don’t necessarily want to know how many calories they are burning or not burning, how many steps they are not taking or how precious few minutes they have until their next appointment or meeting. In a world where women are actually working hard to try and slow down and become more connected to nature or the people around them, they don’t necessarily want connected tech bossing them around all day.

There may be a time and a place in every woman’s life for a smart watch – such as when she is running or engaging in other athletic endeavors – but that doesn’t mean she wants to be ruled by one all day long. There is no doubt that the features a smart watch has to offer can be convenient, but sometimes a woman just wants a watch to be a watch.