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Some Types of Bathroom Sinks to Use for Your Home

If you are thinking of getting a good sink for your bathroom, you can choose from many different types. There are different types of bathroom and these sinks can be matched with them. When you are choosing a bathroom sink ask yourself first who will be using the bathroom, how big the bathroom is, and your decorating style. The different types of bathroom sinks include the vanity sinks, pedestal sinks, vessel sinks, and console sinks.

A vanity sink is a sink that is installed in cabinetry. The common types of installation for vanity sinks are the drop in and mount under installation. If a hole is cut on the counter top and the sink is fit in, then it is called the drop in vanity sink. If the counter top you are using does not have finished edges then this type of installation is used. The reason for this is that the sink will hide the cut edges of the counter.

We use under mount installation for granite or marble countertops that have finished edges. With this installation, the edges of the counter can be seen and the sin is mounted under the counters. You can use this type of sink for a large bathroom which needs plenty of storage.
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Pedestal sinks are ideal small bathrooms. If you use a pedestal sink, you sink will sit on the pedestal. Pedestal sinks are one whole piece and not a stand with a sink on top, and they are often made of porcelain or marble. With pedestal sinks, you can’t have much storage underneath. If there is not much space for storage, a pedestal sink would be ideal.
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Vessel sinks sit on top of a counter. Vessel sink basins can be of any size or shape but the most common vessel sinks are round bowl shaped vessels. It is not only bowls that are popular, there are also popular square basins. Vessel sinks use materials such as glass, stone, or metal. A vessel sink is ideal for houses that have modern designs and decorating. Any bathroom that has counter space can use a vessel sink.

A console sink can make a space look larger and thus it is appropriate for small bathrooms. Console sinks are mounted on countertops connected to the wall at the back and they are usually support by two front legs. There is open space underneath which can be used for storage baskets. If your bathroom is decorated in light colors and soft tones, then a console sink is ideal for your bathroom.

If you are choosing the best sink for your bathroom, this guide would help you find the right one.