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Montgomery Refrigeration: Helpful Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

A home refrigerator is one of the most commonly used appliances in the kitchen that consumes large amounts of energy, and to save on electricity and extend its lifespan, proper maintenance must be done. When it comes to routine maintenance of your refrigerator, it should include cleaning and replacement of gasket, cleaning of condenser coils, replacing the ice maker, deodorizing, manually defrosting freezers and refrigerators, and replacing the water dispenser. Condenser coils are located at the back or beneath your freezer or refrigerator, and they must be cleaned properly since they are responsible in the heat removal. Dust and dirt that cling to the condenser coils can significantly increase energy consumption, leading to costly repairs and problems in the future.

You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions whenever you clean your refrigerator. Efficiently and easily clean the condenser coils using a long-handed bristle brush or vacuum. The rubber seal outlining your freezer or refrigerator is called the gasket, and this is very helpful in keeping away warm air from entering inside the unit. As time goes by, the gasket may loosen or weaken, leading to warm air entering your freezer or refrigerator, making it difficult to remove heat and leading to increased electricity bills. Gaskets can be replaced easily and are inexpensive, so don’t miss caring this part of your refrigerator or freezer. To ensure the efficient running of your refrigerator, it is important to defrost it. This should be done once the frost reaches half an inch. In order to keep food fresher and to remove unwanted odors, use airtight containers. Follow the pattern or grain of the stainless steel when cleaning your refrigerator.

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Use deodorizers which are commercially prepared that can last up to six months to remove odors and to freshen your unit. It is also important to replace the water filtration system at least every six months. You can save from your energy bills by throwing ice packs inside your freezer or refrigerator to help in maintaining a cooler temperature. The ideal temperature of your refrigerator should be set between 36 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

When it comes to choosing the right refrigeration specialist to do the maintenance and repair, you have to do your homework and research to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate agency or company. Allow us to help you find a trusted, reputable, and reliable refrigeration professional to help you in repairing and inspecting your freezer or refrigerator, you can check more details by visiting our website or homepage now! Allow an expert and experienced technician to check your refrigerator for your annual preventive maintenance. Your refrigerator is a major appliance investment that must be taken care of.

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