The influence of music on one’s personality

Because now there is scientific evidence to support your claim that the music you listen to makes you a better person than anyone else.

Music watchers have long claimed that the music they listen to makes them a better person. Now, thanks to the research, their claims have finally proved true.

Music. In various studies, music is a universal feature of human culture that has both an amazing charm but also a myriad of problems.


The team of researchers from Nara University of Education, Japan proves that a person’s personality can be influenced by various things such as the choice of books, music genres or friends he has.

To prove it, the researchers studied 11 male and female participants, whose average age was 21 years. All participants were then given a questionnaire that contains questions about the music and emotions that he felt when listening to certain songs. After filling out the questionnaires, all the participants then played songs they liked and did not like to see their psychological reactions.

To that end, the researchers deliberately added a silent voice to neutralize participants’ emotions because of the song being played. Through a computer simulation, participants are asked to share virtual money. From there researchers can see the influence of a music on the psychological human. Where those who just listened to favorite songs seemed to spend more money than those who just heard the song they hate.

This means music can indeed encourage altruistic behavior * in a person. When they hear a song that is not liked, they will tend to be selfish and stingy, “concluded the researcher as quoted by the Daily Mail (3/12/2014).

“This means music can indeed encourage altruistic behavior in a person, and if they hear a song they do not like, they will tend to be selfish and stingy.”

Furthermore, the researchers revealed that certain songs can affect the activity of limbic and paralimbic structures that exist in the brain, this is what triggered the provocation of human emotions when hearing it. This is true for women and men, either with songs that have or do not have lyrics.

Evidently, no matter what music you’re listening to coincidentally, as long as you think it’s good and you enjoy listening to it, you’ll find it easier to act like a human.

Fact: A Harvard Business School report published this year reveals that people who spend money on others report more happiness than those who do not.

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