Powerful Ways to Overcome Migraine Easy Without Drugs

How to cope with migraine. Headache next to or more popularly known as migraine is one of the disorders that occur in the head. Migraines are generally more common in women than in men. Why is that? The reason can not be explained with certainty. But there are several factors that trigger the frequency of migraines in women.

Migraine is quite disturbing activity, because we will not be able to move well when migraine attack. Just like vertigo, if migraines are not addressed immediately, our daily activities will not be solved properly. If the migraine is a headache next, while vertigo is also included in the type of headache but the symptoms are different from migraine. Vertigo is a dizziness that is felt as if everything is turning. How to cope with migraines with vertigo also different. How to overcome vertigo can my friend read on how to cope with vertigo easily without drugs.

Before finding out how to overcome or treat migraine, it’s good also if we also know about the trigger factor of the emergence of this migraine. Some of the things that become the factor of the emergence of migraine include:

Mature cheese like cheddar
Food that has been through fermentation, acidification, and also marinating
Sour cream
Consumption of everything made from beans is too much.
Consumption of alcohol
Excess caffeine levels


Most women will feel pain when it comes to the moon, usually on the first day. This is called premenstrual syndrome. In addition to making the stomach pain, sometimes disminore or pain during menstruation also trigger the occurrence of migraine. In order to avoid disminore there are some things yan can my friend do, read yuk how to handle the first day of menstrual pain naturally. When a woman experiences menopause, women will also experience migraines often. This happens because estrogen levels begin to decline so that hormone levels in the body is not stable.


Stress is the cause of so many problems. Stress also triggers the emergence of migraine. In order not to fall on a more drop condition, my friend can do some things to cope with stress. Read more on how to deal with stressful thoughts easily.

There are several ways to deal with migraines naturally that you can try to do at home.

How to cope with migraine with warm ginger tea

Warm drinks will help smooth the body’s blood circulation. Especially ginger tea, this drink contains anti-inflammatory substances to fight against compounds that cause migraine. You can add a little honey or milk into this drink.

 How to cope with migraines with caffeine

By consuming drinks containing caffeine can help reduce the pain of migraine. But you should also pay attention to the intake of caffeine in the body because too much caffeine intake will actually exacerbate the migraines that occur.

How to deal with migraine with hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a technique to cure migraine by using water medium. How to simply soak feet with cold water and use a warm cloth to compress the neck area. This will help increase blood flow from the head to the foot because the temperature in the leg is lower than the temperature on the head.

How to cope with migraines with magnesium-rich foods

By increasing the consumption of magnesium will help reduce migraine symptoms. Foods that contain lots of magnesium for example are nuts. Magnesium serves to relax the tense Sara.

How to deal with migraines by keeping blood sugar

Keep your blood sugar in the normal range. Because of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia will trigger headaches or migraines. Eat sweet foods, fruits and vegetables. But you should also be careful to consume sweet foods because too high intake of sweet foods will trigger the occurrence of diabetes. How to overcome diabetes if my friend is already affected by this disease. Tips on treating diabetes can be read on how to overcome natural diabetes without drugs.

That was some way to overcome migraines, good luck do not forget to pray to God Almighty to get healed.