K-Pop Apparently Rated Still Less Global

Cannot be denied, K-Pop is one of the triggers of Korean Wave or Hallyu Wave in various countries, especially in Asia. Many K-Pop artists have achieved success in the world, like BoA that penetrates the Japanese market and is popular in many countries. Although K-Pop has managed to get a place in the public eye of the world, but the observers of the music industry in Europe and America seems to have other views. They argue, K-Pop is still less ‘international’.

“The success of K-Pop in the world is different from what Korea receives. In America, K-Pop is not as successful as Koreans think,” said Rob Schwartz, head of leading Billboard music magazine.

According to Rob, the appearance, sound and choreography of most K-Pop groups are still considered foreign and not in accordance with the wishes of some consumers in America. Even so, the famous Psy thanks to the video clip “Gangnam Style” was considered by observers as one of the wonders of the K-Pop wave. Therefore, Nate Hills aka Danja, a leading American music producer, then suggested that Korean music producers and musicians blend different genres of music, such as hip-hop and jazz that are heard by many in the world.

“Maybe it can be combined with elements of music all over the world, I’ve been using R & B, hip-pop, Bollywood and Asian music, whatever the culture is different,” Hills said, as quoted by Korea herald on Tuesday, October 6. “I think that’s the way we have to make (K-Pop) worldwide, maybe that’s how K-pop rhymes can go worldwide.”

Hills itself is known as a music producer and musician who often cooperate with famous American singers who have worldwide, including Britney Spears, Whitney Houston and Justin Timberlake. The Hills of Music history brought him to South Korea as the keynote speaker at the 4th Seoul International Music Fair 2015 or MU: CON.

In the event, Hills continued his statement that all Korean artists, musicians and music producers should also be able to embrace new technology. The goal is to help in creating music with more cost efficient. That is, making sound quality in a small recording studio is equivalent to the sound quality made in a large studio with special equipment.

According to Hills, technology has enabled people to work more easily by learning software tools and software programs independently to create quality music through various streaming service platforms. “I can produce quality music in front of you now, and mix it in 15 minutes.” Technology has enabled us to do it, and puts everyone on the same playing field, big or small competing at the same level, “he said.

Though technology has made music production and accessibility easier, Hills says that musicians should still strive to create expressions, and producers must help artists translate musical expressions to a global audience. “The producer is the gateway. The work of the producer is to translate the music internationally,” he said.

K-Pop industry officials are now ambitious to embrace the music market in Japan, America and Europe. This year, K-Pop’s king, Big Bang, managed to increase his fans by scoring the record of the biggest K-Pop tour in America. Thanks to this charm, Big Bang is being considered one of the largest K-Pop in the world with over 1.5 billion views on YouTube. In 2011, Big Bang also won the Best Worldwide Act award on MTV EMAs, beating Britney Spears.

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