How to Eliminate Broken Lips

Some of you may have felt the problem of chapped lips. Appearance is not perfect because less confident. Overcome chapped lips by the way below.

Most people think that chapped lips only appear during the summer or the dry season. In fact, chapped lips can also be experienced during the rainy season.

Causes and Symptoms

Lips have unique conditions compared to other skin parts. This section is not equipped with oil glands to keep moisture. Therefore, exposure to sunlight during the dry season or low humidity can make dry lips. The condition can get worse if we do not care well on the lips.

One thing that sometimes becomes a habit is we often lick his own lips when the lips feel dry. In fact, this habit is not recommended because the more frequent saliva wet the lips, it will further exacerbate the fraction on the lips.

Some of the symptoms that can be experienced are: the lips feel dry even to peel, the scales appear on the lips, there are injuries, swelling, and if it is severe will experience bleeding.

How To Overcome Broken Lips

To remove chapped lips, there are several ways that can be done. Among them:

Reduce the habit of licking the lips

Although sometimes intends to moisten lips that are experiencing drought, licking her lips actually worsen. The rapid salivation of yawning causes the lips to experience more dry conditions than before licked. If licking the lips due to the use of lips balm containing flavor, then its use should be avoided.

Use a lip protector

Wearing sun-scaled balm lips when the weather is dry and cold makes the lips get optimal protection from weather effects. The more often outdoors, the more often the need to use the protective lips.

Avoid allergic triggers

As much as possible avoid direct contact with ingredients that can trigger allergies. Some people are vulnerable allergic to perfume products, dyes, cosmetics, or skin care products.

Keep the hydration level

To keep moisture on the lips, drink plenty of water to keep your body, including lips, hydrated. If necessary, install an air humidifier in the room to keep the moisture awake.

Breathing through the nose

Some people may prefer to breathe using their mouths instead of their noses. This mouth-breathing habit should be avoided because it can aggravate the condition of chapped lips.

Limit spicy and sour foods

Some foods that have spicy and sour taste excess should be reduced because it can cause irritation to the lips. If you’ve experienced chapped lips, not eating spicy and sour foods will help speed the healing process.

Avoid the use of certain drugs

Some drugs may cause side effects such as chapped lips. Drugs used to treat depression, excessive anxiety, allergies, aches, pimples, and respiratory problems can cause chapped lips. Consult a doctor to know for sure it. If it is very disturbing, you might consider other alternative medications.

Although chapped lips can heal by itself, but in some people it can turn into a more severe. If it is severe, then chapped lips can turn into cheilitis or inflammation on the surface of the lips. The specific sign of cheilitis is the appearance of cracking in the corner of the lips and may be accompanied by infection. If the chapped lips have become cheilitis or inflammation in the lips and hard to cure, consult a doctor.