How to Care for a Good and True Acoustic Guitar

How to care for a good acoustic guitar and correct so that the age of your guitar acoustic guitar can be longer and always comfortable to play.
Caring for the guitar is one way to make the guitar stay comfortable and have a longer life. Caring for the guitar is also the way, although the acoustic guitar is made of wood, it does not mean we just wipe it with wet water like we clean the table or window. There are many disadvantages that can occur if we do not treat it well as neck, neck or hand guard arched or even guitar porous because of moisture. This can make the guitar has a sound that is not loud and easily broken or damaged. Here are tips and how to care for an acoustic guitar that you can do and practice at home so that your guitar can be more durable and always loud.


Why should we keep the guitar in a safe and comfortable position? Acoustic guitar is easily damaged you know. We do not keep it at random. Want to put it too should be well and true. We can use the guitar stand as a tool to sit so that guitar is not scratched and damaged. This guitar stand can also be used to display your guitar in your room.

If you do not want to play guitar, maybe you can buy or use hard case, but the price is very expensive ranging from 500 thousand – 750 thousand. Hard case guitar can make a comfortable guitar because it has a hard outer shape and has a soft part in it


It is not less important you, loosen the guitar string when it will not be used in a long time can reduce the risk of guitar curved. But if every day want to wear no need to be loosened. Do not forget to choose a good guitar string so neck guitar is not curved.


Routine cleaning here has the purpose of cleaning it regularly, like once a month or even once a week, you can use a special cleaner for guitar. So do not use excess water to clean the guitar.
Use a guitar cleaner properly and properly, do not spray water directly to the guitar, spray the water more into the fabric. Then apply well and evenly. Do not forget to clear the strings or replace the rusted string. Do not miss the fret board part too.


It is no less important to keep your acoustic guitar in order to stay durable and always good to continue to use. Guitar requires a good temperature and warm or warm for the wood is always dry and loud. But if it gets too hot, it can make the guitar damaged. Guitar gels can peel and make a broken guitar. But if the guitar is too cold will make the guitar becomes loud because it produces a sound that settles. Never allow the guitar to be exposed to water for a long time. If exposed to water, immediately wipe with a soft cloth. This can reduce the risk of guitar sound that is not loud.

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