Nowadays a lot of people love songs EDM. But they do not know what the meaning and history of EDM music. This time we will discuss the clear and concise info about the history of EDM music.

What is EDM?

Previously, we first met this kind of music. EDM is widely known as the music of clubbing, or dance music, or also known as music produced by DJs (disc jockeys). EDM or stands for electronic dance music is related to nightlife, dance floor, and disc jockey (DJ) or electronic music producer. But, there is a further explanation of electronic music that always mushroomed among teenagers in each of these days.
Electronic dance music is the production of music through various electronic instruments such as synthesizer, midi keyboard, turntable, mixer, bass, and so on. In the present, EDM can even be produced through various computer applications. Hence, the DJs and producers often perform with their laptops. The resulting music is a combination of various electronic instruments.

EDM in every era


This is the birth of electronic music. In that era, electronic instruments used include bass and some synthesizers. Pop and rock music began to add the instrument to their songs. For example, the legendary band The Beach Boys in the song Good Vibrations (1966).
Artist: EDM is not familiar in the ears of music lovers at that time. But there is one producer from Australia, Val Stephen, who released one full album of EDM in that era. After that, many producers began to use electronic instruments though more used to solve the technical problems of voice.


This era is famous for the glory of disco music. The famous EDM of the day was also an electronic music disco. Singers like Donna Summer or bands like Bee Gees are popular disco artists of this era. They began to use the touch of electronic music in that era. Not only the disco music, there is also a subgenre synthpop that began the public interest.
Artist: In the era of the 70s began to emerge also a band that focuses on electronic music and synthpop Kraftwerk from Germany famous for one album, Autobahn (1974).


After the popularity of Kraftwerk in the 70s era, synthesizers became a dominant electronic music instrument in the ’80s. The emergence of alternative genres such as synthpop was then shifted the existence of disco music 70s.
Artist: Kraftwerk continues to popularize their EDM in this era. In addition, in this era also began to emerge a culture DJ with famous DJ-DJ like Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles.


The use of computers began to be widely used electronic music in this era. With the development of technology and computer, making more and more people can produce their own electronic music. The European region, especially Germany, witnessed the emergence of DJs and renowned electronic music producers.
Artist: DJ like Paul Van Dyk became one of the important names in the world of electronic music, especially the subgenre of trance music in that era. Some of his famous music is the remix of Humate’s Love Stimulation and Paul’s hit single, For an Angel.


In this era, EDM is growing. Began to appear also various sub-genres such as traps (electronic hip-hop), dubstep, nu-disco, and electro house.
Artist: One of the nu-disco EDM artists is a French duo Daft Punk whose name became famous in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Some of the other DJs that may have been called UK foreigners are still nu-disco EDM artists and electro houses of this era even now, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Deadmau5, and Avicii. In addition, there is also a genre trap that became known with the emergence of duo DJ Flosstradamus in the 2000s.


Now, EDM is still mushrooming. Sub-genre dubstep became increasingly known in this era. Likewise with electro house increasingly appear in the era of 2010-an. Electro pop genre is increasingly known to the public. The DJ 2000s looks often collaborate with famous singers. For example, Calvin Harris collaborated with Rihanna in the song We Found Love and David Guetta feat. Usher with the song Without You.
Artist: At the beginning of this era, dubstep became quite popular music of various circles. Especially with the popularity of Skrillex with the dubstep producing music in the song First of the Year (Equinox).

Zedd is a German DJ who recently played in the Djakarta Warehouse Project 2013. The original guy named Anton Zaslavski has a really good music like Clarity’s hits song that collaborated with Foxes.
In addition, EDM is also the arrival of young English producer Disclosure. Settle, debut duo brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence was even immediately nominated for Best Dance Album for the Grammy Awards 2014.
Here is the history of EDM music history.

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