Genre Musical Rarely Know Many People

Who in this world does not like music. Surely everyone in this world likes music, there’s even a saying that says “Without music, life would be a mistake”. Yes indeed, music seems to make the world come alive and colorful.

Since the pop era pioneered by The Beatles in the 1960s, music increasingly favored by various circles. Along with the development of his era, the music genre increasingly varies from year to year.

Many of his creative young people make the music unique and not just pop, rock, jazz, blues. Although only consists of 7 scales, but can make something different.

Here’s an unusual and strange music genre ears:

1. Japanoise

Have you ever heard a broken TV? Yep .. like that sounds the genre of music origin of this Japanese Country. The sound produced from music can damage the ears, but even so there are fans who like this music. There’s even a famous band that uses the genre Japanoise as the flow of band music and they already have some fans in Japan.

2. Chiptune

If you are a fan of Nintendo games like Mario Bross, maybe the music generated from this genre is not foreign to be heard or you will love the music.

Chiptune is music created from sound formats that have been syncedes in real time by computer or video game sound chips. Playing this music is also unique, as if we again play a nintendo so the resulting tones really make us nostalgic for the game that once had a boom in the 90s.

3. Baby Metal

If you think this is a JKT48 personnel you are certainly wrong. Because the genre that brought these beautiful women very far from JKT48 music. Although their faces are cute but make no mistake, the band brought the Baby Metal music genre, which is Metal music combined with a cute voice that looks like a girlband.

This uniqueness makes this genre penetrating in the Japanese music market even the world. Currently Baby Metal video uploaded to Youtube has reached 43 million viewers, a figure that is fantastic for Baby Metal genre.

4. MathCore

Do not think this music is suitable to accompany you learn Mathematics, because the complex structure of songs and arrangements and lyrics that are difficult to understand make this genre confusing to the listener.

Mathcore itself stands for Mathematical Core that comes from the merging of Progessive music, Jazz and Hardcore. Mathcore can also be called technical metal, technical hardcore & mathcore which is recognized as technical play high level music. In Indonesia itself there is also a Mathcore band from Bandung named Alice and band from Malang named Take This Life.

5. Shoegazing

Shoegazing is described as a genre of alternative rock, in which the singer stands in front of the stage in a passive state, while singing.

The genre was called Shoegazing because the personnel seemed to just stare at their shoes and as if they had not seen an audience in front of them. Though the audience would not be interested if not the occurrence of communication between the artist and the audience. The use of the complicated effects of the pedals may be a factor why the personnel are bent on their heads.

6. Pop Laptops

Along with the sophistication of technology, musical instruments can now be played by the computer. Pop laptop genre has proven it. Beat and easy listening riffs played in a portable computer device using computer software make the strains of this genre simple and simple.

No need to require a lot of personnel to play this music genre. The most popular bands for playing this music are Ratatat, Girl Talk, Rex the Dog, Various Production, Oval.

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