Facts about Listening to Music

Music is touted as a universal language. Music is not only a form of art and can be used for fun, but also can provide various benefits for health.

Music can have a positive effect on the body, both physically and mentally. Here are some health benefits that can be obtained by listening to music.

1. Music lowers stress
Listening to music every afternoon or when framed work makes a person’s psychological condition better. Based on research at the University of Gothenburg, listening to music that is liked every day can lower stress levels.

2. Protect hearing
During this time listening to music in hard volume is known to damage hearing. But a 2001 study published in the Washington Post revealed that people who often play music during their lifetime have better listening skills. Just as when someone exercises their muscles, so does a hearing that is trained to listen to music. But of course you still have to be careful. Do not listen to music in loud volume, especially when using headphones.

3. Good for heart health
You may think that music has nothing to do with the heart. But University Maryland Medical Center research found a link between a healthy heart and music listening habits. Research reveals that people who listen to cheerful music have a smoother blood flow to 26 percent. But if they listen to sad music, the blood flow will drop by six percent.

4. Relieves pain
Research at the University of Utah Pain Research Center reveals that listening to music can help participants to reduce pain and pain. This is called a diversion, the music is alleged to make participants forget their physical pain.

5. Strengthening memory
Based on research from Hong Kong, music can be used to improve children’s brain abilities. Participants who took the music class were known to have better grades in memory tests than participants who did not listen to music.

6. Make the brain durable
Based on a survey conducted in 2001, people who often listen to music have a sharper brain. Research from the University of Kansas Medical Center found that people associated with music, such as learning music and accustomed to listening to music have a brain that is more youthful than people who do not like music.

7. The effect is the same as massage
According to research published in the journal Depression and Anxiety, music therapy has the same calming effect as massage therapy. Researchers found that participants who did massage therapy for more than 12 weeks had the same level of stress as those who listened to music.

Do not underestimate the power of music. Listening to music is not just a hobby or a career, but also can provide many benefits for mind and physical health.

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