Do not Take Your Cat Listening to Music

Make no mistake that your pet cat will be comfortable if together you enjoy the music. Due to the fact, human-liked music does not affect cats.

Research conducted by the University of Wisconsin Madison shows the cat does not care about any music that is popular with humans, whether classical, jazz, or alternative rock. The animal has its own taste of music due to different hearing system factors.

The study, published in the online journal Applied Animal Behavior Science, last February, showed the reaction of cats changed when hearing the music made specifically for them. This type of music will sound strange in the human ear. Some of the music samples for cats are based on the tempo of snoring, tone, or sound made when the animal takes care of the child.

“We do not imitate the sound of cats, we try to make music with tones and tempos that appeal to cats,” said lead researcher Charles Snowdon, as written on the university page.

Researchers make cat music by evaluating the context of the animal’s sense-hearing system. Cats apparently make and recognize an octave higher than that known to humans. “It’s important to get the right tone, then make music with tempos that interest them,” says Snowdon, professor of psychology.

In the trial, Snowdon and his colleague Megan Savage played a song in a shelter that had 47 cats.

There are four sample songs, two classical music and two “cat songs” by University of Maryland composer David Teie. The reaction of a cat that makes snoring, approaches the loudspeaker, then rubs his body judged as a positive behavior.

As for the behavior of a cat that hissed loudly, arched the body, and enforcing all body hair is classified as a negative reaction. Cats are more positively applicable to “cat songs” than classical music. Their response to the “cat song” came after 110 seconds, faster than the classical music, which is average after 171 seconds.

The slow response illustrates that they are not interested in classical human music. “Some cats take longer to get up and realize what’s going on, some even go straight from the room,” Snowdon said.

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