Choosing Guitar for Beginners

Choosing a guitar is like choosing a mate, should be suitable and comfortable. There is no requirement level guitar ability to choose the best guitar, beginner can choose which guitar is comfortable and suitable for him. We will discuss some simple tips on choosing a guitar to be applicable even for beginners though.


The most important but most often overlooked thing is our goal to buy it. Some of these questions are common questions but can be a very important consideration. For example you want to learn electric guitar, buy electric acoustic guitar. To learn acoustic guitar is the best choice because the sound produced without electricity is good, while for the electric guitar you have to connect it to the sound.

For you who want to learn guitar while singing, more guitar choices. You can choose to buy acoustic-electric or pure acoustic guitar, depending on which voice you like. For you who like traveling, there is a special guitar provided for the traveler by considering the comfort and weight when taken anywhere.
If you want to learn classical guitar or like to play instrumental is highly recommended buy a classical guitar, or usually an acoustic guitar with nylon strings.


For this one it helps you find a friend or anyone who can give you a recommendation. Guitars made of solid wood (the sound character of each type of wood is different), triplex, or double run and which one suits your needs. The more you have a lot of recommendations about the sound character of each material, the better in determining which guitar you will buy.


During a visit to the musical instrument store and look around the guitar, pay close attention to all parts of the guitar. Starting from head, body, top, neck, etc. The thing that most often escapes from observation is the high nut that affects the distance from the neck strings. There is a WRONG statement about the importance of low-low strings. In some guitar sites it is explained that by buying a guitar with a high strings from a high neck (which means nut is also high), it will help speed up the ability of the guitar especially when studying hanging chords. The reason is because our fingers will be stronger and trained with the amount of pressure that should be given to the strings. It was obviously wrong, the low-low strings did not affect the speed of our ability to play. What affects our ability of the guitar is EXERCISE.

In addition to high nut, finishing polish guitar also needs to be considered (finishing polish is like paint finally the body of the guitar). Choose a finishing that suits you. If for example you play classical guitar or finger-style by using ergo-play, it’s good you avoid finishing doff, because the installation of ergo-play on guitar finishing doff will cause scar on the guitar.

Well, that was some tips to know before buying a guitar. Apart from everything, comfortable, suitable, and suited to our needs is paramount. The expensive price does not guarantee that the guitar is comfortable for us. So, it is very important to try the guitar before buying it. If you still can not try to invite contacts to try it, at least the character of the voice match with what we want.

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